Abdul Noor

Seeing Liverpool football play

Abdul Noor he is 17 years old. He was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma in 2013 and has endured chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery since then with little break.  He has now relapsed for a third time and is being offered no further treatment for a cure.  He is now requiring oxygen therapy to relieve his symptoms and strong analgesics to manage his pain.  We are unsure how long he has left as each day brings more symptoms and challenges but is currently managing at home and is relatively well.


He would love to go and see his team play as mentioned before with his dad, brother and Uncle if this is possible


‘I am a nurse from the children’s homecare team based at queens hospital.  I have a teenage boy under my care that is now life limited following oncology treatment and we have been discussing things that he would like to do while he is still well enough.  He is keen to go and see his football team Liverpool in action but because of the current weather would require an inside area to watch a game.’


We granted his wish nov 16

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