Logan Johnson

Sensory play and soft play maps

Logan has Leigh's syndrome.


From community nurse at queens hospital

‘I was wondering if there would be any chance that you would kindly consider urgent funding for a room makeup over and new carpets for this little boy's family. Baby Logan, has a very life limiting condition, They have previously had a baby who sadly passed away with the same degenerative condition at a very early age.

The family have now moved and they have just bare floor boards throughout the house. This is therefore quite dusty and they are unable to put Logan on the floor to play. The environment is also making him cough and sneeze a lot which is not ideal at all.

 bed room carpets would be great to make the family comfortable and to enable them to enjoy their very precious time with him.


Logan would also benefit from sensory play and soft play maps around the home due to prolonged seizures.’


We granted his wish Oct 16

decorated the whole of Logans room in the night garden theme, including accessories

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