Olivia Ward

Sensory Toys

Olivia has Isodicentric chromosome 15, Global developmental delay, Delayed maturation of the eyes and Seizure disorder.


Mothers wish request ‘I would love to be able to create a sensory room for Olivia as she only reacts to light due to her condition her eyes have not developed as they should have. A sensory room would really help Stimulate Olivia's development as Idic 15 causes Olivia to have a number of problems including severe development delays, hypotonia, gross motor delays and seizures on a daily basis and A sensory room would not only help her develop it will make her smile.


we granted her wish dec 16


after granting wish ‘Thank you for letting me know and a huge thank you to the Ask Albi Charity I am so so grateful and Olivia is going to love the sensory toys.’

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