Olivia Ward

Sensory Toys

Olivia has Isodicentric Chromosome 15, Global Developmental Delay, Delayed Maturation of the eyes and Seizure Disorder.


Olivia's mother wrote the following request to Ask Albie:

'I would love to be able to create a sensory room for Olivia as she only reacts to light as, due to her condition, her eyes have not developed as they should have.  A sensory room would really help stimulate Olivia's development as Idic 15 causes Olivia to have a number of problems, including severe development delays, Hypotonia, gross motor delays and seizures on a daily basis; and a sensory room would not only help her develop; it will make her smile.'


Ask Albie granted her wish in December 2016


After granting Olivia's wish, her mum wrote:

‘Thank you for letting me know and a huge thank you to the Ask Albie Charity.   I am so so grateful and Olivia is going to love the sensory toys.'

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